Your tile and grout can take some serious abuse! From every day foot traffic to common spills, it is a constant battle keeping up with cleaning your tile floor. You may notice that the once beautiful and bright color of your grout lines become unrecognizable after time! Especially in kitchens, entry ways, and bathrooms.

Even the most consistent mopping can be unsanitary and leave dirt and grime trapped in your floor's grout. Being pourus, the grout lines in your floor are constantly absorbing liquids, dirt and grime, and even that dirty mop water. Which is exactly why having your tile and grout cleaned regularly is a must! On both an aesthetic and sanitary basis.

Let's make your tile shine like new again!

Bring your tile and grout back to life and make it look like new again with our unrivaled tile and grout cleaning services. Our process includes applying an extremely effective (and safe) pre-treatment, which breaks down the soil that has embedded itself onto your tile and penetrated into the grout lines. We then agitate and extract, using a high-pressure water and vacuum hybrid system, leaving your tile floors looking brand new again!

Serving the greater Brentwood, Discovery Bay area.

Keep Your Tile and Grout

Are you worried about your newly cleaned floors quickly getting dirty again? We also offer an amazing re-sealing service that protects both your tile and grout lines. Keeping them cleaner, longer!
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