Granite Re-Conditioning

Clean - Crystalize - Polish - Seal

Countertops dull, grimy, and lifeless?

Are your granite countertops cloudy and not shining the way they used to? Does it seem like your granite is covered in smudges and fingerprints no matter how much you clean / wipe them down?

It may be time to have one of your kitchen / bathroom's most valuable assets taken care of.

Let us bring your counter tops back to life and get them shining like new again!

What do we do, exactly?

So, what does our granite re-conditioning service entail?

First, we will clean and degrease your granite - removing any dirt, grime, or other build up that has accumulated onto the surface of your countertops. If needed, we will also address any concerns or issues with hard water or calcium build-up, typically around faucets or other water fixtures. 

After your counters are completely cleaned, we will crystalize to help remove small imperfections and increase hardness. 

Next is a polish, which leaves your surface with a beautiful shine and extremely smooth finish. Finally, we finish the process with an impregnating sealer application, to help keep your shining countertops looking their best. 


Results you can see and feel!

- Leaves a crystal clear, like-new shine

- Removes hard water / calcium spots

- Removes and helps prevent finger prints / smudges

- Leaves surface smooth as glass

- Protects and makes cleaning easier

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Bring your countertops back to life.

Clean - Crystalize - Polish - Seal