Although one of the most abused surface in your home, carpet can often times be over looked when it comes to evaluating the cleanliness and overall health of your home. Heavy foot traffic, dirt and debris, pet hair, and many other allergens get trapped into your carpet fibers which can be harmful to both you and your carpet. Not to mention, leaving your floor certainly less attractive than it may have once been! 

Whether you are overdue for a cleaning or keeping up with regular maintenance, a professional cleaning of your carpet will leave your home not only looking it's best.. but also cleaner and healthier for you and your family.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

At SurCo Cleaning Solutions, we use only the safest, most powerful, and most efficient products and methods for cleaning your carpets. Resulting in a deeper clean, faster dry times, and results you can count on!

After inspection, we will chose from a variety of our pre-treatment solutions, each specific to certain situations and carpet types / conditions. After application of a pre-treatment and proper dwell time, your carpets will be mechanically agitated to lift damaged carpet pile and ensure even the deepest embedded soil can be removed. The carpets are then flushed, using a hot water extraction method, removing dirt and debris while leaving no chemicals or sticky residue behind. In fact, our special rinse actually contains anti re-soiling agents and carpet fiber softeners which leaves your carpets softer than ever and helps prevent them from quickly getting dirty again!

In addition to our amazing results, you can look forward to these benefits when choosing SurCo for your carpet cleaning needs:

  • Anti Re-Soiling Rinse
  • Softens Carpet Fibers
  • Zero Residue Left Behind
  • Wonderful, Fresh Aromas - No Harsh Chemical Smells
  • Exceptional Value
Experience the best carpet cleaning today!

Serving the greater Brentwood, Discovery Bay area.

Keep Your Carpet

Are you worried about your newly cleaned floors quickly getting dirty again? We also offer an amazing carpet protection service, applied after cleaning. This process restores the factory protectant on your carpet, preventing staining and keeping your carpets cleaner, longer!
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