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• Carpet Cleaning
• Tile/Grout Cleaning
• Upholstery Cleaning
• Pet Stain/Odor Removal
• Carpet Protection
• Grout Re-Sealing
Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning

Perhaps the most mistreated surface in your home. Pet hair, dirt, debris, and more get trapped into the fibers of your carpet, leaving it suffocating and filled with things that can damage both your carpet and your home's healthy environment. While vacuuming can pick up dry soil from your carpets, a professional cleaning is without a doubt the best way to maintain better looking, healthier, and longer lasting carpet! 

Tile / Grout Cleaning Services

Tile / Grout Cleaning

From foot traffic to spills, it is a constant battle keeping your hard surface floor clean. Bring your tile back to life with our Tile/ Grout cleaning services. Our process includes pre-treatment as well as a high-pressure water and vacuum system to remove hidden dirt from your grout and tile and leave your floor looking new again! 

Upholstery Cleaning Services

Upholstery Cleaning

After a long day, the last thing on your mind should be the dirt, dust, and allergens that get trapped in your favorite recliner or couch cushions. Even worse than damaging your furniture, is having to breathe in that debris when we sit or lay down on them. Lounge in a healthy, comfortable environment with our upholstery cleaning services! 

Pet Urine / Odor Removal Services

Pet Urine / Odor Removal

Even with the most obedient pets, accidents are inevitable when you have animals in the house. Thankfully, you don't have to live with the stain and odor from your pet for long. With multiple treatment options, we can get you taken care of! 

Grout Re-Sealing Services

Grout Re-Sealing

Keep your newly cleaned floors looking great and prevent staining from future spills with a grout re-sealing service.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services


A well kept worspace is essential to the integrity and confidence of any business. With a clean and healthy environment, your customers will be impressed and eager to come back!

What Sets Us Apart?

There is no doubt there is an abundance of cleaners on the internet today! So, you may be asking yourself, why trust SurCo?  Well, we'd love to tell you..

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Your One Stop Shop for Professional Carpet Cleaning in Brentwood, CA

Over time, your carpets pick up dirt and debris from your shoes, pets, spills and dust. Why not enjoy a healthier and cleaner home with professional carpet cleaning? Surco Cleaning Solutions offers a range of options for cleaner carpets in Brentwood and Discovery Bay, CA. With a team of highly motivated cleaning specialists who can remove even the most stubborn dirt and grime, we are committed to providing a higher standard of cleanliness for you and your family.

Where Can I Find the Best Carpet Cleaning in Brentwood and Discovery Bay, CA?

Did you know that by keeping your carpet clean, you can actually vastly extend its lifespan? You can get extra years out of your carpet by keeping it in the best condition possible. Surco Cleaning Solutions is happy to assist you with your regular carpet cleaning in Brentwood, CA, and will provide you with the options that will offer you lasting use of a cleaner, more hygienic carpet. Preserve the health of your family by keeping your carpet in great shape.

We Can Also Protect Your Carpet from Future Damage

Surco Cleaning Solutions not only offers thorough carpet cleaning services in Brentwood and Discovery Bay, CA at an affordable price, but we also offer ways to protect your carpet. We offer our customers Scotchgard carpet protection services which allow you to enjoy superior stain resistance between cleans. If you would like to know more about this service, or get started on your regular carpet cleaning schedule, than call us to schedule an appointment at (209) 278-5951.

What our clients are saying:

"Best carpet cleaning I have ever had and will never use another company! As a local realtor I will recomend SurCo to all my clients."
"SurCo did an awesome job on our carpets, making them look brand new."
"Thank you so much SurCo Cleaning Solutions for coming to clean the carpets on my new house. I am honestly shocked at how great the carpets came out! 10/10 5 stars! Family and friends if you’re looking for the best work in town it’s right here!"
"Great experience from when I called to get a quote and schedulng the appointment. They have such a great customer service and follow-up with reminders of the appointment and when they were enroute. They were on time and did an amazing job getting some stains out. I will definitely be using them again and highly recommend them."
Dog Sleeping On Clean Carpet